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PakLite Gear is located in Oregon which has no sales tax. As a result, there is no tax charged for any order.
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Craig S. - Sept. 22 2014  

"Received it on Friday. Friend I bought it for loved it. I'm going to get a couple more for gifts and for me."

Jonathan N. - CA - Feb. 2014 

“I heard about Pak-Lite from my uncle, an ultra-light backpacking enthusiast.  I’m getting these for my groomsmen as gifts.  Passing on the Awesome!"

T.S. - MT - Feb. 2014 

"Love your flashlights.  First used them during my time in the Bolivian jungle as a missionary.  Now I recommend them to everyone.”

Eric - OR - 2011 
“I have been a wildland firefighter for 3 years now. My first two years out, I was given a bulky headlamp for work at night, which caught on branches and ate up batteries like a hungry child. Last year, I got a Pak-Lite and taped it to my helmet. No extra batteries needed, didn't catch on things, and was just as bright as it's big brother. I now carry over a dozen in my pack as route markers and emergency locators. This is by far one of the best inventions for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency workers to have come out in the last 20 years. Thank you, fellow Oregonian!”
Mary - OH - Sept. 2010  
"I have macular degeneration and depend on my flashlight which I carry everywhere I go. I lost it so am ordering two more so I am sure to have one. They are the best!"
Christopher - CA - Aug. 2010 
 “I love your Pak-Lites!  I can’t stop buying them for friends!”
Andrew - VA - Aug. 2010 
 "I am a Help Desk Geek and without question the Pak-Lite is great for those times that I have to run cable and check connectors under a desk or in other tight, poorly lit spots. Its small but bright and it doesn't roll when you set it down. But, my Pak-Lite became invaluable the other night when my toddler was sick and he asked for a night-light. I don't keep spares around so I grabbed my Pak-Lite and used that for him. It gave him the comfort he needed to get some rest and I didn't have to worry about it dying out on him. I'm now ordering several more, some as gifts and one to ensure that I have a Pak-Lite at home and at the office."
Heber - MS - June 2010 
 “Been using Pak-Lites and giving them away for years.  Absolutely the best light on the market!”
Justin - Apr. 2010 
 "Love this little light! Worth every penny, even to buy another one to replace the one I lost."
Bill - OR - Jan. 2010 
 “I am a long time customer of your lights...They are wonderful. My last ones I ordered are now 4 years old and still as bright as new.....Thanks for a wonderful product!”
J.K. - NJ - Dec. 2009 
“I’ve had your flashlights for a while now and they are great!  Keep one in the pocket of my jeans and one in a pocket on the motorcycle – saved my butt trying to make quick repairs after dark!”
Ludovic - UT - Oct. 2009 
 “A friend had one and let me use it to get home on my bike!! Radical small package beauty!!  Loved it!”
Michael - WI - Sept. 2009 
 "Last weekend I took my family camping and my 9 year old daughter dropped my Pak-Lite into the campfire.  I couldn't believe it!  Even though the plastic was melted and charred it still worked!  I'm now ordering one for each member of the family.  it!  Thanks for a great product, I absolutely love it!"
Jeff - IN - June 2009 
 "I currently own two of your flashlights.  They are simply outstanding!  I use them more than any other flashlight and they work PERFECTLY.  Thank you!"
Doug - KS - June 2009 
     "I have 2 Pak-Lites...I just wanted you to know how important this particular light is to people like me who live in the heart of tornado ally.  When the lights go out and the sirens sound off when you are asleep in the middle of the night it's nice to know all I have to do is look over at my nightstand and pow there is the green glow of what leads my family to safety.  That has happened more than once and I don't go to sleep without the top charged ready for such an occasion."
     "I just wanted to thank you for the handy little lifesaver!!"  Doug
Paula - MD - May 2009 
 "I am a delighted customer and the Pak-Lite is the perfect gift for someone "who has everything"!
David - NV - May 2009 
 "I received a black cap Pak-Lite as a gift about seven years ago.  I just replaced the original battery 3 months ago and just yesterday lost the cap off of the battery.  I am bummed...I love that lite!  I use it constatly.  A few years ago it got lost for a month or so while turned on.  When I found it, it was still on and worked just fine until recently replacing the battery.  You have a customer for life!  Please rush my order as I am going on a trip soon and would be lost without it!"
Chris - CA - May 2009 
"I love your Pak-Lite. I'm constantly giving mine away and having to buy new ones. Don't ever stop making them! It's an all time winner!"
Susan - OR - February 2009 
"My charge nurse at work uses this light to illuminate wounds to clean and dress them. Brighter than any other light available!"
Mike - WV - February 2009 
"I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your Pak-Lites. We were without power/heat for 4 days...those little guys worked to perfection! The kerosene heaters and the Pak-Lites saved the day! Thank you so much for a great porduct!"
Beau - LA - Feb. 2009 
"My brother who serves in the Louisiana National Guard introduced our family to these lights and just wanted to let you know how amazing we think they are. Thanks!"
Ron - MD - January 2009 
"I received a red Pak-Lite while working as a writer at Defense Week about six years ago. It's still working great with the original battery. I duct taped it to the bill of a hat and use it for hunting. I'm ordering the pilot Pak-Lite for work (I'm an airline pilot). Thanks for making a cool product."
Scott - TN - January 2009 
"I have purchased a total of 18 Pak-Lites since November and absolutely love them. I was introduced to them by a friend on a hunting trip to Idaho. I had to have one and ordered one immediately when I got home. After receiving, I loved it so much I ordered a dozen more for gifts for Christmas and everyone loves them. Last week, I ordered an additional 5 as gifts. Thanks for such a wonderful product."
Laurie - CA - January 2009 
"I've had my Pak-Lite for about 3 years and I take it everywhere with me. It's one of the best things I own. I love to buy them for presents!"
Dennis - NY - December 2008 
"I wrote one of your testimonials years ago...still the best light I have ever owned!"
Nathan - CA - December 2008 
"I camp like crazy. Will never own, use any other flashlight but Pak-Lite. I give them as gifts whenever I can."
Steven - MN - December 2008 
"I've been using them for years now - have them everywhere, and have gifted many friends with them. Keep up the good work!"
Albert - FL - December 2008 
"Your "FLASHLIGHTS" are the BEST...we bought some about 3 years ago and they are still working GREAT! All 3 Pak-Lites have gone through 2 Hurricanes each and they just keep going on and on!!! This order allows us to keep Pak-Lites in all of our cars."
Di - CA - December 2008 
"After 4 years I'm still using the original Lithium battery for my Red Pak-Lite and I use it almost every night. Thank you for this produce."
Joe - FL - December 2008 
"I have had my Pak-Lite for 3 yrs. It is on the same battery and I've used the heck out of it!"
Genesis Communications Radio Network - MN - Dec. 2008 
"Thanks for sending the Pak-Lites. They are very handy when we are working in the studio on our radio equipment. Last weekend, one was accidentally left on in a desk drawer, and sure enough, on Monday morning, it was just as bright as it was on Friday."
Ann - PA - December 2008 
"This Pak-Lite is one of my most valued possessions! I'm on 24 hr. continuous oxygen and am up frequently at night. My Pak-Lite is ALWAYS in my pocket and has quickly become my very close friend."
Dorothy - NY - November 2008 
"I am purchasing these for Christmas gifts. Ours were very handy during a power outage!"
John - FL - November 2008 
"Thanks again, I am a repeat customer. Your lights are great! I'll be back for more I am sure!"
Don - OK - June 2008 
"Great produsts! I keep recommending them to friends and neighbors. Ice storms crippled 2/3rds of Tulsa last December and the Pak-Lites proved themselves to be worth every penny. Again, thanks for your Pak-Lite products."
Jim - WA - March 2008 
"I bought one Pak-Lite, then 3 more. My wife & I both carry one all the time. Others were given to family members and I plan to purchase others for Christmas. They are the perfect light when larger lights are not practical to carry. I don't even know they're in my pocket. What a great light."
Jerry - OR - March 2008 
"I have owned every light you can think of.... and yours is the one that I refuse to leave home without. However, I have a problem. I ALWAYS keep my 9 volt light in the left front pocket of my pants and while I was sleeping, my dog got a hold of it and chewed it up! I need to get another one right away.....I absolutely love these lights. I have given a few away as gifts, and I tell everyone about them."
Jan - Iowa - Feb. 2008 
"This is our third order. Love Pak-Lites for personal use and gifts."
Jerry - Mich. - Feb. 2008 
"After carrying a Pak-Lite in my pants pocket for two years, it was bound to happen--the pants and the lite went through the wash together. Not only a full wash and rinse cycle, but a hot dryer as well. And it STILL WORKS!"
Heber - MS - Dec. 2007 
"Been using your lights for years and they are the absolute BEST!"
Debra - FL - Nov. 2007 
"I have purchased many flashlights for a friend who has Macular Degeneration and when I gave him the Pak-Lite he said 'This is the one!' Pak-Lite works great, even if you only have your peripheral vision to see with."
Cal - MI - 2007 
"I have purchased 10 of these lights now and love them!"
Mary - OR - Sept. 2007 
"We bought one at ACE about 2 years ago and love it for backpacking!! The only flashlight we take!"
Stephen - NY - July 2007 
"WOW!  Great idea, great design.  Outstanding product.  I bought 7...they're awesome!!  Thank you!"
Daniel - NJ - June 2007 
"My daughter LOVES her light, which she has used at camp as her nightlight for 2 summers now. Time for a new battery though!  Thanks!"
Dave - Calif. - May 2007 
"I bought one for myself and love it so much, I am buying 3 more for my backpacking buddies."
Gregory Miyata - April 2007 
"Great idea---I have been looking for something like this for years. Now I can walk safely and securely at night wherever I am at. I can use the flash light when I have to work on computer carts---tight areas."
Jason - Illinois - March 2007 
"I am replacing the Pak-Lites I got last year. NOT because they broke, but my relative in England was so impressed that I left them for her, so she can replace her battery eating flashlight. The lights were very useful at night!"
Bill - Oregon - Jan. 2007 
"I have one of your green Pak-Lites that I use daily that I purchased 3 years ago and the battery is still going strong. Love it!"
Jim - Washington - Jan. 2007 
"Just before Christmas, we had a multi-day power outage. My wife, daughter, and I all had a Pak-Lite with us all the time, and they were great! I also found that putting a UV light in the bathroom as a night-light worked great, as there are white towels in there that light up beautifully! Thanks again for such a fun toy/tool!"
Mark - Minnesota - Nov. 2006 
"Thanks again!  We continue to find new uses and gift ideas!  We're up to 12 personally as a family with this order!  Great gifts for Scouts! We've given 11 away as well!"
Nathan - United Kingdom - Oct. 2006 

"Worth the wait for out of country order, as the lights are as good as I remember.....which means I'll be ditching my Mag-lite and replacing it with your lights.  Thank you for the personal service."

Jared - Vermont - August 2006 
"Saw one in use in the White Mountains and had to have one!"
Charles - Florida - May 2006 
"I'm a repeat customer, still using the same battery after 4 hurricanes in two years.over 30+ days total without electricity..Thanks!"
Juergen - New Jersey - April 2006 

"I bought my Pak-Lite in June of 04 and used it in many hotel/motel bathrooms and on 3 cruises and am still on the original battery. Great Product..Thanks!"

Colin - United Kingdom - Dec. 2005 
"I just got a Pak-Lite Basic for Christmas.  Best torch I have ever owned!  Why did no one think of this before? - Brilliant!"
R.M. - Connecticut - Oct. 2005  
"I bought one about a year ago - absolute greatest thing ever - now I'm getting one for everyone in my family"

"We just had hurricane Denise go by.  The power went off and on for 2 days.  I used the Pak-Lite everywhere I went and it was the most talked about flashlight"...TK/Florida

Dr. H/New York 

"I don't endorse products very often.  But I can tell you this:  This product has been one of the most useful flashlights I have ever used.  I have purchased at least 15 of them, mostly white or red for night vision.  Everyone that I have shown this product to has been very impressed.  I also did an article about it in our 1500 member club article.  Well Done!"........

"I think the Pak-Lite is such a neat idea, I ordered one each for my children and their significant others, all of whom are backpackers and hikers.  As a professor at Arizona State University, I plan to show the light to my classes next fall as an example of the benefits and satisfactions of  hard work and creativity"...Bob/Arizona

"We did a very complimentary review of your lights in our October 2004 issue of BLUE WATER SAILING MAGAZINE, and in the past year of using your light, I am still amazed and impressed with how handy, sturdy and clever they are.  I am going to do another review of them a year later, still with the same battery, which is part of the reason I'm going to run the review. 

The Pak-Lite I have lives in my foul weather gear, where it has gotten very wet, in saltwater, and still works.  Thanks for making such a great product"...G. Jones/ Senior Editor "Blue Water Sailing Magazine"

"I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for the FAST shipping of your fine product PAK-LITE!  I ordered on Friday and got them on Monday!  You people put most other companies to shame with their slower than slow order processing & shipping!!!

I was glad to get your PAK-LITE flashlight because of the pending storm/hurricane Rita that is hitting our area of South Florida as I write to you.  We had the electrical power go out last night and your PAK-LITES were put to the test!  Those babies really work well.  I am a Ham radio operator and I test a lot of products for our personal survival kits and also our Survival Website.  Sometimes the items we test don't work very well and sometimes they don't work at all, but your PAK-LITE works great!"........Albert V./Ham radio operator/Florida

Military Testimonials 
Lorin - UT - June 2010  
 “I heard about your Pak-Lites from a military friend of mine.  He swears by them!  He also said they are better than the lights provided by the military...if that’s true I figured I needed one!”
James - Hawaii - Dec. 2006 
"Heard about Pak-Lites through USAF SERE instructor.  Giving as gifts to my troops going down range.  Your product rocks!"
John Studebaker/USA Security contractor in Iraq ---- April 25, 2005 

"I served as a US security contractor in Iraq this past year. The Pak-Lite enabled me to navigate at night safely.   I am thankful for the Pak-Lite that I carried, for it saved my life. I carried 2 other flashlights that failed.   The Pak-Lite continued to work the entire time without ever having to change the battery.  I finally quit carrying an extra battery for the Pak-Lite after 2 months, when I realized it didn't need extra batteries. 

I'm currently sending Pak-Lite's to other teammates in Iraq and wouldn't even consider working there without a Pak-Lite.  I am planning to return to Iraq soon, and will definitely be taking Pak-Lites to the team members that I will be working with."

Mike in Iraq 

"I'm over here in Iraq and I just wanted to say your Pak-Lite kicks butt!  I use it every night, so thanks!"

Steve - U.S.Army Black Hawk Pilot 

"I carry the Red Pak-Lite with me everywhere now and it has proven to be very useful tool in my current situation.  I have demonstrated the non-destructive attributes of the light by throwing it against the wall or cement when someone is examining it and treating it with kit-gloves.  The small protruding lenses are rather deceiving."

Peter Kummerfeldt - U.S. Air Force Survival Instructor 

"I was speaking at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show when I was introduced to Pak-Lite flashlights.  What a jewel!  I gave one to each of the four instructors that work for me and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  We now each carry one in our personal survival kits"

Jim - U.S. Military 

"Your lights are great!  We have one in the shop that has been running nonstop for over a month now!"


"I have had the black cap, white Pak-Lite for a year now and have yet to change the battery.  It is the most efficient flashlight I have found out there.  I look forward to many more years of use out of this and other Pak-Lites.  Thank you for this great product..."


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